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Executive Summary The 'Notifiable Data Breach Scheme' imposes mandatory obligation on Australian organisations to notify individuals if a data breach that discloses their personal information occurs, and such disclosure is likely to result in 'serious harm'. The Commissioner must also be notified of such data breaches. Organisations must comply with these notification obligations to avoid facing investigations ...


At a fascinating time for the Australian television industry, Edwards + Co Legal looks at how things are poised in the bid process control of Channel Ten. This article is based on public information and is current as at 28 September 2017. INTRODUCTION The past few weeks have seen significant developments in the Ten Network Holdings Limited (ACN 081 327 068) ...


Whilst browsing the web you may have noticed that some URLs have little padlocks next to them. Although these symbols are often nondescript, they are significant components of our digital infrastructure that indicate a third-party Certificate Authority (‘CA’) has verified the website as legitimate and trustworthy. Without CAs and their padlocks it would be hard for us and our browsers ...


Pros & Cons of using Trust structures in your business

Introduction Clients setting up new businesses often ask us whether it would be advisable to operate their business through a trust structure. There is a common perception that utilising a trust can have tax advantages, though it is less well known exactly what these advantages are and whether they are suitable for every situation. It is true that, provided correctly structured ...