About us

Edwards + Co was founded in 2012 with the belief that better and more affordable legal solutions can be achieved by stepping away from the traditional large law firm approach, working with great people and adopting an agile and innovative approach to legal solutions that truly understands client needs.

Today we are a modern commercial law firm based in Sydney providing high-quality, value-added legal solutions in Australia and across Asia Pac. We work across a range of industries, with particularly deep industry expertise in the ‘new economy’, with clients in media, tech, communications, sports and entertainment, IP as well as other industries.

Our approach blends top law firm experience with the industry knowledge and practical experience of in-house roles in industry. We like to form ongoing relationships with our clients, as by getting to know their business and their goals we can add real value.

Specialising in value-led charging, our low overhead model allows us to set our charges at a significant discount to our large law firm competitors.

If you would like to know more about our fresh, value-driven approach to the law, please reach out to us at info@ecolegal.com.au.